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District Information

Governing Body

Yuima Municipal Water District is a special district in San Diego county, California, authorized by the California State Legislature under the Municipal Water District Act of 1911. It is governed by a five-member Board of Director selected by voters in their respective divisions to serve four-year terms. The Board meets on the fourth Monday of each month beginning at 2:00 p.m. in the District's Board Room located at 34928 Valley Center Road, Valley Center, CA 92612, and the public is invited to attend these meetings. Agendas and meeting packets for Board of Directors meetings are posted for public viewing on the District Website.

District's Facilities

 • Service Area: 13,460 acres

• Enclosed Storage Tanks: 10

• Enclosed Water Storage Capacity: 58 acre feet

• Water Lines: 44.12 miles

• Producing Wells: 25

• Pump Stations: 9

• Ag only Open Reservoirs: 2

• Aqueduct Connections: 1

• Total Pump Capacity: 4,850 hp

YMWD's Water Use:

• Agriculture: 91%

• Residential: 2%

• Wholesale: 7%


Yuima Municipal Water District