Impending Emergency Aqueduct Shutdown

February 10, 2020 to February 19, 2020

Yuima Municipal Water District has been advised by the San Diego County Water Authority of an impending emergency shutdown to the treated water aqueduct that delivers water to the District.  The aqueduct will be shutdown to accommodate repairs to the pipeline.  The shutdown is tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, February 10, 2020 and continue through February 19, 2020.  However, these dates may be adjusted depending on the severity of the pipeline leak.  The District continue to communicate with customers throughout the shutdown with any updates or changes to this schedule.

As a result, this means the District will be unable to receive imported water and will need to rely on local supplies. During this time, it is critical that all water consumed is for domestic purposes only. Unfortunately, this means that all TSAWR Agriculture and Interruptible Agriculture customers are prohibited from irrigating during the shutdown period unless the District has approved scheduled irrigating to occur.

The District is aware that these restrictions will be difficult and would like to thank each customer in advance for their cooperation and assistance during this difficult time.  As always, we appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers during these situations that are out of the District's control.

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