NOTICE:  Please be advised that San Diego Gas & Electric is planning an electrical shutdown on Monday, September 10th  from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  This shutdown will take our Forebay Pumpstation out of service during this time.  Forebay Pumpstation is our connection to the San Diego County Water Authority supply line and our ONLY source of imported water.  While Monday is the optimal time for a shutdown because Yuima's tank levels are always topped off and ready for weekly water usage, we are still asking that customers make an effort to cut back and reduce usage and avoid non-essential water use during this time. Yuima management and staff would like to thank you for your cooperation and encourage you to contact our office at (760) 742-3704 should you have any questions.

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Please Note:  Yuima Municipal Water District is currently in the process of upgrading its financial system.  Due to this upgrade the "View Your Bill" and "Pay Your Bill" features below are unavailable.  If you have any questions regarding your account or would like information on other available payment methods please contact our office at (760) 742-3704.  Thank you for your patience during ths transitional period.

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